2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in SCP 

PlanetTogether is honored to be part of a Leader solution in the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) Gartner Magic Quadrant, as the production scheduling solution for Kinaxis.

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What's PlanetTogether?

PlanetTogether Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software enables fast and flexible capacity planning, production scheduling, and MRP (material requirements planning) connected to your existing ERP system.

• Grow sales with quicker production lead-times.

• Cut inventory by aligning manufacturing with demand.

• Reduce unit costs with more efficient production runs.

• Improve decisions with capacity visibility & scenarios and Analytics

PlanetTogether, Your Essential Digital Transformation Platform

Committed to Smart Factory Digital Transformation and Sustainable Manufacturing

Whether you’re running one plant or a global supply chain of plants, PlanetTogether gives you a unified platform that links to your other apps and connects your business functions from sales to planning to production and shipping.
The result? An efficient, aligned, and agile business that delivers to your customers better than your competition.



The tools you need to run better and grow faster

Elevate Efficiency and Productivity

Optimize, streamline, maximize, productivity

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Drive Down Costs

Experience significant cost reductions across your manufacturing operations. PlanetTogether fine-tunes your resource allocation, slashing production expenses by minimizing waste and optimizing inventory levels. Say goodbye to overproduction and excessive stock, and hello to leaner, more cost-effective production cycles.


Guarantee On-Time Delivery

Achieve a stellar track record of on-time deliveries with our sophisticated scheduling capabilities. PlanetTogether enables precise production timelines, ensuring your products are ready when your customers need them. This punctuality fosters stronger customer relationships and solidifies your reputation as a reliable supplier.


Boost Flexibility and Responsiveness

Navigate market fluctuations with agility and confidence. PlanetTogether offers the flexibility to adapt to demand changes and supply chain disruptions swiftly. Maintain operational efficiency and competitive advantage, no matter the circumstances, by adjusting production plans on the fly.

Empower Decision Making

Make informed decisions backed by data. PlanetTogether offers deep insights and analytics on your production processes, equipping you with the knowledge to make strategic choices about capacity planning, inventory management, and workforce allocation. Transform data into actionable intelligence and steer your company towards success.


Enhance Product Quality

Elevate the quality of your products to new standards. PlanetTogether ensures your production processes run smoothly, reducing the risk of errors and defects. Consistent scheduling and optimal resource use lead to higher quality outputs, pleasing your customers and setting your brand apart.

Support Sustainability Efforts

Align your manufacturing practices with your sustainability goals. PlanetTogether optimizes the use of resources and reduces waste, contributing to your environmental objectives. Embrace efficient production processes that not only benefit your bottom line but also the planet.


Why Choose PlanetTogether as Your Top APS Platform?

Evaluate Production Planning Solutions Based on:

• Maintainability
• Usability
• Functionality

Optimize your Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives with PlanetTogether - the #1 APS Platform.

Streamline your production process with PlanetTogether, the leading production scheduling software. Gain real-time visibility and control over your entire operation, leading to faster lead times, reduced inventory, lower costs, and better decision-making.


Ops Management

Ops Managers

Improve efficiency, and customer servicing: Prove your competence while avoiding the risk of failure.

For Ops Managers

IT Directors

IT Directors

Avoid integration failures while fitting into existing frameworks. Our "Proof of Concept" evaluation is vital.

For IT Directors


Feel confident in the ability to use the software while seeing that it will work well and make the job easier.

For Planners


Reduce unit costs and predict cash flows with realistic, optimized production plans.

For Finance Officers

The Top ERP, Supply Chain, and MES platform providers integrate with PlanetTogether

Integrate your core IT infrastructure, ERP, MRP or MES system. PlanetTogether is a prime APS integration solution for Kinaxis RapidResponse, AVEVA MES, SAP ERP, SAP ByDesign, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX), Aptean Ross, SQL Server, QAD, and many other industry leaders. Be ready for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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Aptean Ross partner


SAP Planning snd Scheduling Partner

SAP ByDesign

Dynamics 365 Partner

365 for Operations / AX

Kinaxis Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Factivity / QAD Partner




Greater Success through Capacity Planning & Production Scheduling

PlanetTogether scales to meet the needs of any size operation, offering a comprehensive suite that includes production scheduling software, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and seamless integration with your existing ERP and MES systems.
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