Outsourcing Jobs with PlanetTogether

Sep 7, 2016 8:24:00 AM


There is a common phrase “no one is superman”. Well, neither is any manufacturing company – they all have limited capacity. There are two main reasons why manufacturing companies outsource jobs. The first is when a job’s requirements surpass the plant’s capability. Other times, demand peaks beyond capacity requiring excess work to be outsourced to a contract manufacturer.

Implementing PlanetTogether can help you save money by decreasing the need to offload work by improving resource productivity. But when subcontracting is required PlanetTogether’s Automatic Contractor Scheduling and Finite Capacity Contractor features will enable you to plan procurement and production triggers for contract manufacturing easier than ever before.

Automatic contractor scheduling: When demand exceeds capacity, PlanetTogether can suggest what you contract, to whom, and when. This makes the planning easier and more effective, suggesting the best contractor for the job.

Finite Capacity Contractors: If your contractors share their capacity information with you (or even use PlanetTogether themselves), then your schedule accuracy and adherence will rise. This happens by creating production schedules that take contractor capacity into account. So instead of always hearing “yes, we can deliver on that date”, you’ll see for yourself whether the capacity is really there to meet your needs.

Talk to us to learn more about how you can understand and effectively manage your contractor capacity.

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