PlanetTogether works with your ERP

Aug 31, 2016 7:22:29 AM



PlanetTogether has the capability to integrate into your existing ERP system. We are often asked “to what extent can PlanetTogether communicate with my ERP”. Our answer—pretty darn well.

For example, if a schedule is created and then your supplier tells you “sorry, I can’t get you the parts for another month” there is no need to worry, PlanetTogether will help you understand the impact and update your plan easier than ever. Any update made to your purchase order receipt date in your ERP system will automatically transfer over to PlanetTogether which will then adjust your plan accordingly. The same is true for changes in things like: inventory level, engineering routing and BOM changes, and order changes. You can keep maintaining your information the way you do now – only you’ll get more benefit from that information since it will drive your planning system too.

Topics: capacity planning, production planning, finite capacity, users, project management, ERP, APS, capacity, bottlenecks, constraint, resource



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