Sequencing to Minimizing Dynamic Changeover Time

Jul 5, 2016 10:06:11 AM


No matter what you are manufacturing, saving time is a critical component of increasing on time delivery, customer satisfaction, and profit. Sequencing operations to minimize change over time can be a powerful way to save time and increase output, but figuring out the optimal sequence is easier said than done. 

Many wonder "how does sequencing in PlanetTogether account for things such as color and allergens if I want to minimize my dynamic change over time?" 

PlanetTogether's attribute tables enable your company to minimize changeover time by providing great flexibility in the calculation of changeovers between jobs based on any number of attributes, such as size and color, and varied by resource. Each row in the table indicates the changeover time that would result in a particular "from:to" sequence. For example, a changeover from a product containing peanuts to a product that must be peanut-free could mean a full day lost to cleanout. As the production schedule changes, the correct setup time is automatically calculated, meaning a more accurate schedule and less work for the scheduler. Better yet, PlanetTogether can "optimize" your critical bottleneck resources and choose more efficient sequences to minimize time lost to setup on the production resources. Less setup, more output!

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