VMWare - Increase Disk Space

3/7/22 2:30 PM

By admin


Sometimes when I'm using VMWare virtual machines to implement a PlanetTogether APS solution, I run out of disk space. To increase the size of the virtual disk, I follow the following steps:

  1. Load the virtual machine into VMWare Workstation. Leave it "Powered Off."
  2. Choose: VM > Settings.
  3. Highlight "Hard Disk (SCSI)."
  4. Click: Utilities > Expand.
  5. Increase the size.
  6. Expand > OK > OK.
  7. Close VMWare Workstation.
  8. Load another machine into VMWare Workstation. Leave it "Powered Off."
  9. VM > Settings.
  10. Add > (Yes).
  11. Highlight "Hard Disk" > Next.
  12. "Use an existing virtual disk" > Next.
  13. Browse > (navigate to the desired top -level .vmdk file) > Finish > OK.
  14. Power on this virtual machine.
  15. Enter the DOS cmd prompt window, and:
    1. cd...
    2. cd...
    3. diskpart
    4. list volume
    5. select volume 2
    6. extend
    7. exit
    8. exit
  16. Shut down the machine.
  17. Remove the HD:
    1. "Edit virtual machine settings."
    2. Highlight "Hard Disk 2"
    3. Remove > OK.
  18. Close VMWare Workstation.
  19. Start the machine with the expanded hard drive and verify that HDD is developed.

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