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12/8/21 10:30 AM

We're impressed with Arbela Technologies. They implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions, work on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and have extensive experience with both multi-site and single location manufacturing operations.ERP And SCMIn fact, the original developers of Microsoft Dynamics AX (and current AX partner board members) are part of the Arbela team. Furthermore, the company is a premier Microsoft Gold Partner for ERP and a Microsoft Silver Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Azure.

Industry Experts

Arbela's vertical-focused strategy has enabled them to gain best-in-class knowledge within a few key industries. While their product provides solutions for any industry, they've developed a keen interest in the following industries: building materials, life sciences, aerospace, high-tech, and multi-level marketing.

Their primary initiative is to work with customers that focus on the future desired state of operations, rather than dwelling on what procedures are in place currently. Arbela's approach enables their clients to see a return on their investment quickly. As AX is an IT-intensive product, Arbela minimizes customization of the product and emphasizes, instead, the education of the customer's IT super-users in driving system adoption.

Implementation and Training

Arbela begins their “knowledge transfer” with a thorough look at the client's industry and its unique characteristics. After looking at the industry as a whole, they review the current client's operation as well as their legacy systems. Requirements, staff capabilities, goals, and constraints are also factored into their objective client assessment.

Arbela's agile approach involves early training and hands-on use of the system. System design workshops educate the client's core team about the AX application and its functionalities. They also hold gap analysis workshops, design and configuration workshops, and systems testing workshops as supplemental training. Conference room pilot sessions are conducted where clients try out transactions in order to get experience with system operations.

There are a number of tools and templates that streamline the implementation process: pre-build test scripts, pre-build process maps, configuration checklists, and best practices documentation templates. The familiarization process is all followed up with a structured formal training. Training and systems education, utilizing Microsoft Sure Step tools and techniques, are offered before, during, and after implementation.

Multi-Site Manufacturing Support

An expanding global supply chain prompted Arbela to develop and implement enhanced supply chain management systems in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Work completed across multiple sites often results in complexities in terms of individual components and estimated completion deadlines. Arbela incorporates functionalities that enable superior visibility for multi-site processes. With today's changing supply, demand, regulation, and sourcing challenges, Arbela's automated technologies enable enterprises to streamline business decisions in product development, traceability, financial and inventory management, and more.

PlanetTogether is proud to partner with Arbela Technologies in providing service beyond the functional scope of the ERP and SCM systems they offer.

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