Finite Capacity Scheduling Software for Manufacturers

6/10/22 2:30 PM

Finite capacity scheduling pertains to the method of how much work can be produced within a certain period of time. This allows project managers to develop a much better understanding of their supply chain and properly assign resources to the correct task within its limitations. Finite Capacity Planning Software for Manufacturers This also enables the goal of finite capacity scheduling to be met - by ensuring that productivity is flowing at an efficient rate while also eliminating current and potential bottlenecks within the operation. Within finite capacity scheduling, there are a set of tools that can effectively enhance your operation.

Basic Functions of Finite Capacity Scheduling Software

Within finite capacity planning, there are 3 common levels of scheduling tools:

  • Manual Methods - Using manual methods of scheduling is one of the most basic and rather outdated methods. This method involves spreadsheets and white boards that need updated manually instead of automatically. This involves more work for operations managers and can cause major problems within the manufacturing operation if data is improperly entered.
  • Scheduling Software - As a step above basic manual methods, this step includes an electronic scheduling system. This system can run MRP and generates work orders, easing the workload on operations managers. The only major problem within this level is the infinite capacity assumption. This is because of production time expectation and no real correlation of occurrence on the shop floor.
  • Finite Scheduling - By far the most advanced and advantageous scheduling system, this software allows correlation between production time expectation and shop floor time. This software generates schedules automatically and does not need a whole lot of human intervention. This has become a top choice for many manufacturing operations that wish to improve capacity.

Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling for Manufacturers Along with finite capacity scheduling software, there are many benefits that come with the software.

  • Lead time prediction becomes much simpler through real-time visibility and information.
  • Material constraints and labor capacity are improved through optimized use and proper scheduling.
  • On-time delivery is more efficient and customer relations are improved.
  • Monitoring becomes much more simple through notifications and alerts.

Along with finite capacity scheduling software, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software offer as a form of the software.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and Finite Capacity Scheduling Software

Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) is becoming a top choice for operations that want to optimize production within their operation. APS offers an extension to ERP and MRP and can successfully improve various areas of your operation. Along with easy integration, there are various other capabilities of APS software such as:

  • “What-If” Scenarios
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Real-Time Scheduling
  • Grid Alerts

Quickly turn your manufacturing operation into a gold mine by implementing an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system. For more information on our features, click here!

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