How I4.0 Benefits the Manufacturing Industry

5/2/22 11:50 AM


The technology available for the manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes over the past decade. The push for industrial automation of IoT Technologies is known as “Industry 4.0,” or I4.0 for short. Leaders in the manufacturing industry are centering their attention on I4.0 tools and resources to help strengthen their companies. So, how can this new technology help you?

Collecting data that is representative of how your company functions is the number one way to improve. For example, an understanding of workforce pace can help you make better calculations in terms of scheduling and projects. By gathering data pertinent to your business processes problems are clearly identified, solutions can be modeled, and ROI can increase. 

The internet of things connects devices to the internet and each other. It’s almost like having a reliable workforce made up of technical devices. New software, tools, machinery, and equipment are already available to guide manufacturers in maintaining a productive work environment. Trusting technology will help your shop floor become a Smart Factory because you are receiving real-time data on your company in order to meet needs as they become available. A Smart Factory represents your commitment to Industry 4.0, as you look to improve the future of your business and interoperability. 

Interoperability is the joint production of all data and devices working together. This idea can be greater expanded upon to connect multiple plants and factories. PlanetTogether calls this concept the “Superplant.” 

Industry 4.0 technologies are enhancing the industries of automotive and healthcare, manufacturing is part of this new wave of thinking. The level of technical understanding it takes to do business now is growing. The best manufacturers are looking at how data and smart devices can help them. PlanetTogether Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software is one such solution that manages activity on the shop floor. That’s just one example of the peace of mind that can come from automating your company’s processes. 

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