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10/22/21 9:31 AM

There are various factors to consider when planning for demand. Shifting the demand curve can be a result of really anything; popularity of good decreases, income decrease, or even future expectations of buying. The future expectation of buying is how a facility gathers data to visualize what consumers will be purchasing. This is all analyzed through data, and demand forecasting for a facility can be nearly impossible without reliable data. Demand in an industry is how a facility determines how much is needed to produce to minimize waste and maximize profits.

Infor Demand Planning Software Creating reliable forecasts and properly planning for demand allows insight into the supply chain, which is challenging without an ERP system. ERP systems are considered a necessity in today's manufacturing industry with perks of standard forecasting, real-time demand awareness and reaction, and administrative enhancement of shelf-life. The goal is maximum efficiency - demand planning is a step toward that direction.

Demand Planning with Infor

Infor demand planning and forecasting, ERP systems highlight attribute such as capability and agility. This software is equipped with the solution to planning for demand, reducing the amount of work needed to establish the framework in demand planning. Providing the forthright benefit of factoring in swift changes in direction and decreasing the amount of time utilized in planning allows a facility to focus on other areas in need. Along with headache relief, there are many other attributes that Infor demand planning includes.

Some of the attributes include:

  • Demand Planning Reaction - Changing circumstances within the market are interpreted through the system and notified the facility. As demand fluctuates, so does production.
  • Foresee Periodic Items - Forecasting through statistics where sales appear, reducing time utilized in the planning process.
  • Data Series-Modeling - Enabling data series modeling, providing forecasting with accuracy and much faster decision making.

These perks of the system will better demand planning and forecasting, enhance a manufacturing facility's ability to become a more thorough operation and separate itself from competitors. This system benefits many facilities but is not a fix-all. ERP systems alone are not enough in many cases with every process, which is why advanced planning and scheduling systems are a route to consider.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Software with Infor Demand Planning

Advanced planning and scheduling systems software (APS) extends modern-day ERP systems and further into operational planning. It proves a more complex observation of a facility. Manual labor data input and spreadsheets can be a hassle with ERP systems; APS solves that problem. Not only that, but it also solves various other issues  and includes perks such as:

  • Improved Delivery Performance
  • Boosts in Profit
  • Reductions In Inventory and Labor Cost
  • Six months ROIs
  • Easily Reschedule Production Orders
  • Bottleneck Problem-Solving" "What-if" Scenarios

Advanced planning and scheduling systems put forth the effort a facility needs to reach its efficiency point. APS eradicates the trouble of the complex problems produced by facilities and gives room for a company to further focus on enhancing an operation.

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