Is My Company Too Small for Advanced Scheduling Software?

12/15/21 10:30 AM

When people think of advanced scheduling software, they tend to think of large manufacturing facilities with thousands of products produced over dozens of production lines. Obviously, facilities like these need computers to keep track of the what, when, and how of productionbut can this software really be cost-effective for a company with just a few production lines and/or products? production_scheduling

With just a handful of employees and production lines, maximizing the efficiency of your facility is crucial. One production overrun can cost thousands of dollars and eventually make a small company unable to compete with larger manufacturers. With advanced scheduling software, a small company is able to precisely control every aspect of their facility.

One of the most important areas that a small company has to excel in is the ability to respond to customer demand. Too often, an item becomes more popular than expected, and a small company is forced into a position where they simply cannot fill orders. This can be a disaster; while your company struggles to adjust their shipping and production, larger competitors can copy designs and attract your customers. As a small company, your agility is your greatest competitive edge and losing this edge can be disastrous.

Production software prevents these issues by automatically producing production schedules as soon as orders start coming in. You’ll be able to order supplies and build items rapidly and ship them soon after the orders come in, all the while knowing that the best data analytics available have determined that this is what your business needs.

Advanced scheduling software can also help you to streamline and manage your workforce without costly overtime or layoffs. By reviewing the data from previous production runs, the software is able to determine the most efficient way to arrange your production schedule. Employees who specialize in certain products will be scheduled to come in on days when those products are being made, and sent home when there’s nothing to produce. Production will also be scheduled to minimize the time spent on cleaning and maintenance; you won’t have crews “standing around” waiting for work to be completed so they can get started.

Finally, implementing advanced scheduling software is a good way to make sure that your facility grows in the most efficient way possible. As you take on more jobs, clients, products, and employees you’ll need a way to keep both your new and old customers happy. By making the investment in this software now, you’ll have an efficient system that experienced employees are very familiar with by the time the new work arrives. New orders and employees will be seamlessly integrated into your facility.

Advanced scheduling software is a good investment for a small company that’s looking to become more efficient, meet new customer demand, and grow their business. And imagine how you’ll feel when your next prospective customer is wowed by seeing that you’re managing your production and delivery even better than the big guys.

Is your company ready? For more information on how advanced scheduling software can refine your processes, check out PlanetTogether APS.

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