Labor Scheduling in Manufacturing

10/15/18 9:51 AM

Factory supervisors and managers are aware that one of the largest cost within production is labor. While leaving out this cost when computing CPM is entirely non-beneficial, it still is challenging to accurately estimate the cost. Labor Scheduling in ManufacturingThis is due to manufacturers relying on time-consuming labor studies to determine what their labor cost will be. Fortunately, with improvements in technology, advanced planning and scheduling software allows you to accurately account for labor cost. With the labor scheduling portion of the software, you are able to have clear insight within your labor portion of production.

Labor Scheduling Software 

Within labor, there are much more complex factors besides just simply computing production time and then dividing it by number of laborers on the product line. Other cost associated with labor include maintenance, management, shipping, packing personnel, and changeovers. While most experienced managers are aware of the number of factors associated with productivity, it still is difficult to account for any hindrances, employee experience, and unforeseen obstacles. In order to get a more visual understanding of labor scheduling, advanced planning and scheduling can generate multiple schedules that can aid in visualizing labor cost. This is conducted through monitoring labor and utilization of gantt charts.

Monitoring Labor - When monitoring employee production capabilities, you are able to make better decisions about personnel. The software informs you about employee productivity and where to put them in terms of production lines, working specific shifts, or making certain products. This means that you are able to tailor your production and workforce for maximum efficiency, ultimately increasing productivity within the entire operation.

Gantt Charts - Gantt charts allow you to have a visual of production and labor. The Gantt Drag and Drop function is one of the most unique characteristics of PlanetTogether’s APS, allowing you to move around portions of the schedule without changing production dramatically. This is conducted through being able to move each task individually while also moving another related task along with it. Also, since the software accounts for productivity, it can see where employee productivity is lost. This then will enact a schedule that will switch up where the employee is working and account for the loss in productivity.

Labor scheduling is challenging enough, but with advanced planning and scheduling software it becomes much simpler and easier to understand. Along with labor scheduling, there are various factors associated with advanced planning and scheduling software that can improve your manufacturing operation.

PlanetTogether’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software (APS)

PlanetTogether’s advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) can easily take your manufacturing operation to the next level. This is conducted through utilization of various unique capabilities and features such as:

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • What if Scenarios
  • Gantt Drag and Drop

Quickly turn your manufacturing operation into a gold mine through implementation of advanced planning and scheduling software.

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