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5/16/22 2:30 PM


Every Production Supervisor knows that proper production scheduling is crucial for companies seeking to improve their supply chain process. Even a small workshop requires accurate scheduling to maximize efficiency on the shop floor. It’s become increasingly necessary for manufacturers to optimize their production planning scenarios.

Production Scheduling

Production scheduling allocates raw materials, resources, and processes to produce products for clients and consumers. A good production plan ensures orders are efficiently fulfilled, and limits interruptions, delays, machine breakdowns, or other scenarios which cause loss of profit. 

It’s possible your current scheduling process just needs a few small modifications. The best way to increase the efficiency of your scheduling process is to find the right tools. An Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software like PlanetTogether targets those areas where you can improve. The scheduling process in manufacturing can be extremely challenging. 

Follow these four stages to optimize your scheduling process:

1. Production Planning

Beginning with production planning ensures raw materials, labor, and resources are available to sufficiently produce the product. A good production plan tracks:

  • Raw materials
  • Team members
  • Workstations
  • Processes
  • Supplies

2. Routing

Routing is the path followed for every step in the supply chain. If done correctly, you’ll know what stage your item is at and where resources need to travel next. Workers in those stations are thus more prepared to handle significant workloads instead of additional work coming as a surprise. 

3. Scheduling

Production scheduling manages these processes to ensure products are finished on time. PlanetTogether APS software presents scheduling options that take into account machine breakdown, employee work pace, and inventory levels. 

4. Execution

Execution covers issuing of orders to resources. You have a schedule optimized for your needs. It’s important to ensure that plan is executed in a timely manner to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. 

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