Resource Scheduling Benefits

11/24/21 10:30 AM

Trying to schedule industrial equipment has a unique set of challenges associated with it. Short product life cycles, intense global competition, and complex production processes require continual innovation, high quality products, and flexibility.

Resource Planning Benefits

Managing resource to produce for effective on-time delivery at minimum cost is critical. Add subcontracted operations, long material lead-time, and frequent order changes, and the result is a tough day-to-day challenge for production planners to manage, let alone optimize, the use of production resources.

The Problem

How do you:

  • Quickly and easily create updated production schedules that will get orders done on-time, without requiring expensive overtime?
  • Ensure that production schedules take equipment, material, and labor constraints into account thus ensuring that plans are realistic and reliable?
  • Evaluate proposed schedule changes to understand their impact on existing commitments?

    Benefits of Resource Planning

The Solution

A planning and scheduling system that will:

  • Create production schedules that take your demand, inventory, and resource availability into account with the click of a button
  • Identify resource bottlenecks in advance when low-cost alternatives still exist
  • Remove waste from your manufacturing process by producing to order dates thus minimizing inventory costs and WIP on the shop floor

PlanetTogether Provides Key Software Features for Effective Industrial Equipment Scheduling:

  • Schedule equipment, labor, and material constraints simultaneously on each production operation
  • Optimize production schedules based on combined business objectives such as maximizing on-time delivery while minimizing setup times and inventory
  • Multi-planner collaborative scheduling that allows planners to work together to manage interrelated production resources
  • Easy drag-and-drop schedule adjustment to enable planners to adjust the computer-generated plan according to their insights and experience
  • What-If scenarios that can be compared to understand the impact of proposed schedule changes or alternative resource plans
  • Detailed resource calendars that adjust schedules based on labor and equipment availability

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