Unexpected Roadblocks and What-If Scenarios

4/14/22 2:30 PM


An April 11th story on the popular manufacturing industry blog Manufactiong.Net detailed a bizarre incident where night shift workers in a french fry factory in New Zealand discovered a grenade hidden in the delivery of 100,000 potatoes. The alarming incident caused the factory team to fall behind because they had to wait for the bomb squad and had equipment offline. 

While this is an extreme example, it highlights the fears of many managers in charge of supervising and scheduling activities on the shop floor. Your schedule could be perfect, but what happens when an unexpected obstacle threatens your business. PlanetTogether Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software is there to assist you through machine malfunctions, staff shortages, and everything in between. PlanetTogether’s “What-If Scenario” feature can help you plan for the worst so you and your employees don’t miss a beat.

"What-If" Scenarios in Project Management

The “What-If Scenario” feature allows planners and schedulers to develop the optimal schedule to achieve peak efficiency without affecting their live scenarios. You can make as many hypothetical What-If scenarios as possible to help you overcome any challenge or obstacle in a manufacturing environment. Your live scenario will never be affected until you are ready to put your plan into action. 

Multiple users all working on the same live scenario can cause an incredible number of supply chain problems. What-If scenarios are ideal for a collaborative workspace where everyone’s input can be considered and simulated to find the optimal solution. 

With What-If scenarios in PlanetTogether APS software, your business can be ready to overcome any obstacle. 

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