APS Interface Service

Key Concepts

The APS Interface Service (PTIS) is a Windows Service that PlanetTogether uses to import data from one or more data sources (usually an ERP system) into PlanetTogether. It is a batch-style interface that works by running pre-configured queries, or a custom programmed CustomImporter dll against various data sources and submitting the results using the APS API. The interface is invoked from within the APS Client.  It can also be set up to run automatically at pre-determined intervals using the APS Scheduling Agent.

Setting it up

  • The connection, field mappings, and other PTIS settings can be configured using the Interface Setup Wizard.
  • Since PTIS acts as a bridge between a data source and PlanetTogether, it is usually best in terms of performance to install it on either the computer running the source database or the computer running the APS.net Service.
  • The PTIS service Startup type should be set to Automatic to start automatically when its host PC reboots. Otherwise, it will not be possible for PlanetTogether users to start or configure their (usually at least daily) data import.
  • The service will usually work if it is set up to log on as the Local System account. The account must have permission to read and write to the Working Directory and the root of the C drive. It also needs to listen to a port for data from other processes (such as PT Service).
  • Using the interface will require setting up a data source for creating a database connection unless the CustomImporter option is used, which case that dll must be programmed.


  • The name of the service, as listed in the Windows Services utility, is APS Interface Service.
  • All database access is through a Microsoft .NET DataReader. This means that access to the databases is read-only, forward-only, and no data will be modified in the target database.
  • Only one user can configure or run the PTIS import at a time. If another user attempts to run or configure it while it is busy, an error message will be displayed, warning that this is impossible.