APS Scheduling Agent Service

Key Concepts

The APS Scheduling Agent Service is a Windows Service that can automate the execution of various scheduling tasks at predetermined intervals.  Once your system is set up and running smoothly, you might want to use this to automate daily actions, thus reducing the chance of manual error and freeing up time to work on other activities.

Automated Tasks

The following Tasks can be automated using the Scheduling Agent:

  1. Perform Imports by the APS.net Interface Service
  2. Advance the APS.net Clock to update it to the current (server) PC time
  3. Optimize the schedule
  4. Publish to SQL so external (SQL-based) reporting can access the new schedule data.
  5. Publish to XML so external (XML-based) reporting can access the new schedule data
  6. Store KPI Snapshot

You have the option of including each of the above Tasks.  Those that are included are executed in the sequence specified above. 

Setting it up

To set up the Scheduling Agent,

  1. Set the values in the APSSchedulingAgent.exe.config file.  This is where you specify which tasks to run and the frequency at which they should be run. 

    Note: The tasks can also be specified in the Automatic Actions tab of the Instance Manager. This tab allows users to check which task should be automated and input a time interval for the automation to proceed. When setting the Automatic Actions in the Instance Manager, ensure that the "Allow Web Transmissions" box is checked in the 'Data Publish' tab.
  2. Start the APS Scheduling Agent Service. You can also set the Startup Type to Automatic so that it starts automatically whenever the server is restarted.