APS System Service

The APS System Service (PlanetTogether Service) is a Windows Service that typically runs on a server. Therefore, it must be running and accessible by APS Clients for them to run.

PT Service provides the following functionality:

  • Coordinates activity across all PT Clients, keeping them in sync.
  • Stores system data to a disk whenever it is shut down.

Setting it up

  • The PT Service service Startup type should be set to Automatic to start automatically when its host PC reboots. Otherwise, it will not be possible for APS users to run the Client.
  • The service will usually work if it is set up to log on as the Local System account. The account must have permission to read and write to the Working Directory and the root of the C drive. It also needs to listen to a port for data from other processes (such as PT Clients and the PT Interface).


  • The name of the service, as listed in the Windows Services utility, is APS System Service.