Attribute Code Tables

Key Concepts

Operation Attribute Code Tables can provide additional control and options to calculate setup times based on Operation Attribute Codes. These tables also allow you to calculate setup based on Operation Attribute Codes and Attribute Code Tables. The following article will outline how to set up Operation Setup Codes and Attribute Code Tables.

  1. Create Attribute Code Table
    1. Note: These tables can be imported or created manually inPlanetTogether by going to Settings | Scenario Data | Setup Tables.

    2. Table Type: Choose "Attribute" as the type.
    3. Table Name: Create a name for the Table. Usually, we use the same name as the Resource that will be assigned the table.
    4. Attribute Name: Choose a name for the Attribute that will be used. For example, color, size, etc.
    5. PreviousOpAttributeCode: The Setup Code of the Previous Operation.
    6. NextOpAttributeCode: The Setup Code of the Next Operation.
    7. Setup Minutes: Specifies the number of minutes that will be incurred when the Setup Code changes.
    8. Setup Cost: Specifies the cost of Setup.
  2. Assign the Table to the Appropriate Resource
    1. In the Setup Tabless dialog, click the "Resource using this table" tab and select the Resource(s) that will use it.
  3. Set the Resource to Use Operation Attributes to Incur Setup
    1. On the Gantt, double-click the Resource to open the Resource Options dialog.
    2. In the Setup/Changeover tab, change the "Setup Included" field to "Use Operation Attributes."
  4. Set the Operation Attributes
    1. In the Job Dialog, go to the Operation | Attributes tab.
    2. Name: Set the name of the Attribute. This should match the "Attribute Name" of the Attribute Number Range Table.
    3. Code: The Attribute Code Tables will look at the "Code" field to determine if the operation can schedule on the Resource.
    4. IncurSetupWhen: This should be set to "Lookup in Attribute Code Table."