Auto-Issue of Material

Key Concepts

When a material is said to be  "Issued," this means that the on-hand material balance decreases as the material is being removed from inventory to be used by an activity.

In PlanetTogether, materials can be "Auto-Issued" in the following circumstances:

  • When the Auto-Report Progress function causes an activity to start running, in this case, the quantity of materials required to support the number of cycles completed is issued. 
  • When the Auto-Finish function is used, and the RequiredFinishQty is greater than the ReportedGoodQty plus the ReportedScrapQty.
  • When the Activity Status is updated manually (rather than via import) and the ReportedGoodQty or ReportedScrapQty have been changed. 
    • Note: When inventory is managed in an ERP system, the inventory on-hand balance is usually imported rather than managed in PlanetTogether. This is why PlanetTogether only has "Auto-Issues" materials for manual changes. 


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