Operation Batching

Key Concepts

In PlanetTogether, Operation Batching is used when multiple identical jobs are simultaneously grouped on the same resource. For example, processes such as dye baths that group together different products can be processed simultaneously. In this case, the grouping is based on an operation attribute such as the color of the dye. For example, all operations with the sale color attribute will be grouped and dyed as a single batch.

One significant limitation is that batching operations require that all jobs in the batch have the same number of cycles, run rates, and batch codes. Therefore, batched operations will be represented as a single activity block on the Gantt. Hovering over the batch with the tooltip activated will display a summary of the jobs included in the batch. 

Setting Up Operation Batching

Resources can be set up for operation batching by right-clicking on the resource and selecting "Open" from the menu. This will open the Resource Properties, where batching can be set up in the Capacity tab.

Batching can either be done by Percent or by Volume:

    • Percent: Activities are batched until 100% of the batch is filled. The percent occupied by each activity is calculated by dividing the activity's Required Finish Qty by its Qty Per Cycle. For example, a batch scheduled by percentage can have two jobs with a Batch Percent of 50%, three jobs with a Batch Percent of 33%, and so on. The accumulated jobs cannot exceed 100% of the operation's Cycle Qty.
    • Volume: Activities are batched until the activities' Required Finish Quantities equals the resource's batch volume. Jobs can be batched together if the cumulative Required Qty does not exceed the resource's batch volume.
  • Batch Volume: This is the maximum number of units included in a batch when using batch by volume.

    Note: When using the Percent Batch Type, the batch volume will be the minimum Required Qty, and the Qty Per Cycle of the operation will be the maximum batch size. When using the Volume Batch Type, the batch volume will be the maximum batch size (the sum of the Required Qty of all operations in the batch).

    Next, users will need to set the Batch Code on the operations. This can be done by opening the Jobs dialog and going to the Batching/Setups tab of the Operation tab : 

    Users can then run an Optimize, which will create the batch.


    Special Considerations

    • Batch resources can only schedule activities that fit in one batch. Therefore, if an activity has a larger batch size than the resource's capacity, it will remain unscheduled.
    • Batch resources can create and schedule the entire resource based on the last operation added to the batch. 
    • Batch resources support the "IsSchedulable" customization. If the function returns false, it won't be used to satisfy the resource requirement, regardless of the resource.