Can Schedule OT

Sample customization that stops the Optimization method from scheduling jobs on overtime capacity intervals. However, it allows the user to move jobs on overtime capacity intervals and keep them scheduled there.

This guide will review and demonstrate the CanScheduleOT customization.  If you are just getting started, view the following articles for more information on the basics: getting started with customizations.


When a job is scheduled it is assigned to a block on the schedule. Each block has a capacity interval assigned to it that for each resource on the schedule, if you would like to know more about the capacity interval types and how to use them you can view the article Defining and Modifying Capacity Intervals. If the job is not already scheduled on an overtime interval the customization will keep it from being placed in one. 


The customization allows the user to move jobs anywhere on the schedule. As seen from the image below the customization schedules each job at the beginning of each week. It allows the user to move one job to be scheduled using overtime. 


Without the customization

Without the customization, the Optimize feature would schedule each job in the earliest online capacity interval. 


With the customization

With the customization, the Optimize function will schedule each job in the earliest online capacity interval without including overtime intervals or potential overtime intervals. 



Download the Visual Studio project.

Download the customization file for version 11.39.15.

Rename the sample scenario file to scenarios.dat when loading in PlanetTogether.

Download sample scenario.dat file for version 11.39.