Customizing the Toolbars

Key Concepts

In most views in PlanetTogether, you will find a toolbar that contains buttons to perform common actions and commands within that view. These toolbars are customizable to allow you to have quick access to the buttons you frequently use and hide those that are never used.

Lock / Unlock the Toolbars

If you right-click in any area of the toolbar, you will see an option to lock the toolbars. This is usually checked by default.

By unchecking this option, you will be able to drag-and-drop sections of the toolbar to change the order of buttons for that view quickly. For example, the Gantt view contains three toolbars/sections that could be rearranged. A blue bar will appear in front of each section when the toolbars are unlocked for easy drag and drop.


Add / Remove Buttons

At the end of each toolbar, you will see a downward arrow icon with the AddRemoveButtons option. This will allow you to quickly add or remove buttons that have been pre-selected for that toolbar section.

Customizing the Toolbar Dialog

The Customize the Toolbar dialog provides additional control in how you would like to organize the buttons and commands displayed in the toolbar. This dialog can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere in the toolbar and selecting the "Customize..." option.

Toolbars Tab

This tab displays which toolbars are found in the view you are looking at. The above example shows that the Gantt View has three toolbars (Navigation, Display Options, and Find).

This tab allows you to create a new toolbar by right-clicking in the list and clicking on "New Toolbar."

Commands Tab

This tab displays a list of all commands (actions) that can be performed in the current view. It is also where you can add, remove, and reorganize commands and buttons in a toolbar. This is done by clicking the "Rearrange Command" button and choosing a toolbar to rearrange from the drop-down menu.

To add commands, click the "Add..." button and choose the command you would like to add to the toolbar. When the toolbar has multiple commands, you can rearrange the order using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.


Modify Selection

There are additional changes that can be made to the appearance of the buttons and commands chosen. These can be found by selecting the command and clicking the "Modify Selection" button.

The available options will allow you to change the text displayed on the button and the image. You can also choose whether to display the image and text on the button or only display the text.


This button will open the Customize Keyboard dialog and allow you to set custom keyboard shortcuts for various commands.

First, select the command you want to add a keyboard shortcut, then select one from the drop-down list and click “Assign.”