Efficiency Window Feature

The Efficiency Window Feature is an Extension available in PT versions 11.44 and later.

Note: This feature is available as an Extension. Additional information on how to set up the extension can be found here.

Key Concepts

The Efficiency Window Extension allows operations to schedule before their normal release date if they have a significantly better optimize score based on the current optimize rules.

By default, PlanetTogether schedules jobs according to their optimized score, taking many variables into account to find the best operation to schedule at each interval. Operations are grouped according to their Release Date.

The extension creates new optimize scores that can be used to generate a more efficient schedule by grouping orders, reducing setup, and utilizing all available capacity on the resource. In addition, it creates a window for each Operation by adding JIT Buffer Days to the JIT Days Headstart.

This allows operations with a later need date, but that can be released earlier to be scheduled earlier. Without the extension, operations could only be released at their JIT Head Start date.

Operations that have a later Need Date but can be released earlier because of the Extension will be given a higher score. For example, in the Extension, if an operation has a Need Date in a month, but the Efficiency Window extends to today, it will have a greater score than an operation that has a Need Date in a week and whose Efficiency Window lets it get released today.

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