Hold Settings

Key Concept

The Hold Settings dialog is used to configure how items are placed on hold. This feature is useful to alert schedulers and shop floor personnel that a certain item has been placed on hold. Items put on hold will not be scheduled for work until a designated “Hold Until” date. 

Setting Up Hold Settings

The Hold Settings dialog can be accessed in the Settings | Scenario Data | Hold Settings tab. This dialog has two options to configure the reasons for placing an item on hold.

  • Limit Hold Reasons to the list below. (no custom reasons).
    • When this box is checked, users placing jobs on hold will be restricted to choose from the list of hold reasons defined in the Hold Settings dialog. 
    • If this box is unchecked, users will type in a custom reason in the Jobs dialog when placing an item on hold. 
    • Require a Hold Reason
      • When this box is checked, users will need to specify why a job is on hold. This is useful to remind users why the job was put on hold. 
      • If this box is unchecked, items will be allowed to be put on hold without the reason specified. 
      • Hold Reasons: A reason for the hold can be specified to remind why the work was placed on hold. 
        • Hold Reasons can be customized by typing directly into the text box. In addition, users can remove pre-set reasons and add new hold reasons.
        • The following reasons are common for a Job/MO/Operation for being placed on hold:
            • Material Hold
            • Tooling Hold
            • Production Hold
            • Engineering Hold
            • Customer Hold
            • Quality Hold
            • Lack of Material
            • Design Change Pending 

      Click the Save button to apply changes made in this dialog.

      Hold Settings