Incompatible features

The following is a list of features that are not compatible with each other or are no longer available in PlanetTogether

KeepSuccessors and Helper Resources

KeepSuccessors and KeepSuccessorsNoInterrupt can only be used if the predecessor and successor have the same resource requirements. This includes the number of helper resources and the capabilities of the helper resource requirements.

Manufacturing Order Batching

MO Batching is available for backward compatibility only and should not be used. If MO batching is required, an extension is available that will accomplish this, but it is not available as a standard feature of PlanetTogether.

Multi-Tasking Resources and Sequence-Dependent Setup

Multi-tasking resources can calculate and schedule setup but cannot do so in a sequence-dependent manner. When configuring a mulit-tasking resource, be sure to set the "Setup Included" option to either "Always" or "Never" depending on the resource setup requirement.

MaxDelay and Multiple Successors

MaxDelay is not compatible where paths have multiple predecessors/successors. In addition, there is a restriction on helper resources. Helper resources must not be constrained, and the helper resource's online availability must match the primary. An example use case would be to model labor on an infinite resource. This will show labor requirements but not constrain the primary requirement.

Note: Before version 11.39.3, MaxDelay would not be enforced if multiple resource requirements were mapped.