Installation and Update

This page details the process of installing or upgrading the software.

Installation Guide

To install PlanetTogether, you'll first need to download our web installer, which can be found in the footer of the main web page. The page provides two download options, Server Installer or Client Installer. Follow the steps listed here to install PlanetTogether. For a video demonstration of the installation process, click here


The server installer will download the full PlanetTogether software and the required server and instance managers. These are required to run the server version of PlanetTogether. Once the server installer file is downloaded and run, the first section will prompt you to enter your Serial Code:

Once a valid serial code is entered, the next section will allow you to choose the version of PlanetTogether to install:

Once a version is selected, click the Continue installing components button. This will take you to the Server Manager installation window. If no server manager is installed, you can choose the location to install it. If a server manager is already installed, a message will appear at the bottom of the window that will prompt you to install a new version compatible with the version you're trying to install or tell you that a compatible version of the server manager is already installed. If a compatible version is already installed, you can click skip. Otherwise, click Install Server-Manager:

The next section will ask if you want to install server files. This will install the version of PlanetTogether that was selected earlier. Click Install Server Files to continue:

The next page will prompt you to select an integration. The dropdown menu will provide a list of available standard ERP integrations. This will install useful resources for connecting to the selected ERP system. Note: this will not affect any previously installed versions or previously created instances. These files are not required for installing PlanetTogether.

The next section will allow you to install a version-specific client. It is recommended to install the client separately (that process is outlined below) that will allow you to log into any version of PlanetTogether. If you choose to install the version-specific client, this window allows you to pick the location to install it at:

The next window will walk through validation requirements. If a requirement is not met, a red X will show next to that requirement. If all requirements are met, the screen will advance automatically.

The next screen will show you the components you selected to review. You will also be prompted to review the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with the installation:

In the Terms and Conditions Dialog, check the "I have read and agreed with the terms and conditions" checkbox and then click "Close."

After you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions, click Install Software, and the installation process will start:

After the installation is complete, the installer will prompt you to open the instance manager:


The login client is necessary to access PlanetTogether after it has been installed on a server. This will allow users to log in to any instance remotely and require a network connection with access to the server. To download the Client, select "Client Installer" from the footer of the main page. This will download the Client Web installer .exe file. When this file is executed, it will start by walking through validation requirements:

If all requirements are met, the window will advance automatically. The next section will allow you to select the location where you'd like to install the client:

Once the location is selected, click Install Client, and the installation process will begin. Once it is complete, it will prompt you to Launch PlanetTogether:


Upgrading an existing Instance version requires you to install the software version used for the upgrade. You can follow the Server Installation steps outlined here. 

Once the new version is installed, open the instance manager and select the instance you wish to upgrade, then click the yellow "Upgrade" button.

Then, select the new version number from the "Version" drop-down and click on "Upgrade."

You should now have a copy of your previous instance that has the new software version files installed:

Communication of PlanetTogether Components

PlanetTogether components need network connectivity for two purposes: (1) connecting PlanetTogether components on your private network and (2) connecting to PlanetTogether APS portals over the internet.

Private Network Connectivity

This type of connectivity is required so that the PlanetTogether Client and Server components can communicate.

  • TCP ports are utilized and need to be opened within the local network to facilitate communication. The range of the ports is configurable but is usually between 7991 and 8010.
  • No internet connection is required.

Internet Connectivity

This type of connectivity is required for installing the Server Manager, Instance Manager, Client,  Shop Views Client, or downloading new Software Versions via the PlanetTogether web installer.

  • These require connection to the Internet ( unless in special circumstances (manual installation, for example).
  • Note that the connection to is secure.
  • All downloaded code is signed with a code signing certificate for integrity.
  • No special ports are needed to be opened on the PC for this.