Instance Uptime Report

Key Concepts

The Instance Uptime Report is available from the Instance Manager and can be used to show when the Instances were online and when there were unexpected shutdowns.

In PlanetTogether, the Instances Report provides users with the total Uptime Hours and a breakdown of Online, Offline, and Maintenance hours (as a percentage of total Uptime).

  • Offline hours represent unexpected periods of downtime, while Maintenance hours represent expected periods of downtime.

The Report will display the Start and End Date/Time, Duration, and  Reason for the Downtime in the Downtime Stats.

The following textbox provides an example of a report generated by the Instance Uptime Report:

APS INSTANCE UPTIME REPORT 2021-02-25 - 2021-03-04

Instance Name (11.46.1) - UPTIME: 00:00:00 , % ONLINE: 0.0000% , % OFFLINE: 0.0000% , % MAINTENANCE: 100.0000%

Instance Name (11.46.1) - START: 2021-02-25 3:01:58 PM , END: 2021-03-04 10:15:14 AM, DURATION: 6.19:13:16.0455001 , REASON: An App Or User Initiated Restart


Generating an Uptime Report:

Note: The Instances Uptime Report feature is found in version 12.0.45 or later of the Instance Manager. You might need to download the latest version of the Instance Manager to access this feature.

  1. From the Instance Manager, click the "Instances Report" button
  2. Set the Report Start Date and Report End Date, then click on "Run Report."
  3. If the instance would be down without a clear Start time (e.g., downtime occurring due to an unexpected system crash), the user will need to manually enter the approximate Start Date and Time of the crash.
  4. The "Update Previous Crash Times" button allows users to update any of those manually entered times if they initially entered the wrong Start time.
  5. After the report is generated, you can choose to:
    1. Clear All: This will clear the generated report from the Instances Report dialog.
    2. Copy To Clipboard: This will copy the text generated and allow you to paste it in a different location.
    3. Export: This will allow you to save the report as a text file.
    4. Close: This will close the Instances Report dialog.