Instructions for retrieving Recording files for investigation purpose

If you are ever instructed to send recording files to PlanetTogether,

please follow the following steps.

Note: PlanetTogether’s DropBox is located here:

1. Under [Instance Name]\System\Data\Recordings, locate the Recordings folder and select the latest one based on the modified date.

2. Locate the two Scenarios files with a substantial amount of the transmission .bin files in between, and zip the files. For example, if there are only UserLogOff in between the two, look at the previous set of two and the transmission .bin files in between. If you are unsure, you can send us the whole folder.

3. Recordings also serve as backup files. You can copy and paste a Scenarios.dat file and paste it onto System\Data\Scenario, replace the file named “Scenarios.dat,” and restart the Services. I would suggest backing up the whole Recordings folder first.


These Recordings folders are created per Services start, and they provide the debugging team a clue as to what may have contributed to a system issue.