Integrating with Microsoft NAV

With your existing investment in Microsoft Dynamics, improving your order turnaround times and cutting manufacturing costs has never been easier. You can easily improve your planning and scheduling process by “plugging in” PlanetTogether, the leading production planning and scheduling tool for Microsoft Dynamics.

Built from the bottom up in the .NET Framework, Microsoft’s flagship architecture, PlanetTogether, is the best choice for a complete, integrated Microsoft-based planning and scheduling solution.   But the questions are sure to be asked: how do I know that I’m ready for a PlanetTogether APS implementation?  What sort of information does PlanetTogether require from NAV? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there too. Below is a list of fields that are typically brought over from NAV into PlanetTogether. 

Compatible Versions
PlanetTogether APS is compatible with NAV 2009 R2 and can also be retrofitted to earlier versions.

PlanetTogether APS for NAV Getting Started Guide

Here are just a few examples of what you can import from NAV:

  • Work Center Groups and Work Centers
  • Machines, Items, and Inventory
  • Bill of Material
  • Sales, Purchase, and Production Orders
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

PlanetTogether also allows you to publish schedules back to NAV:

  • Start and End dates at the task level
  • Reported Quantities
  • Reported Time
  • Job Statuses

NAV Fields:

Production Orders

Property NAV Table Field
Production Order Number ProdOrder No_
Quantity ProdOrderLine Quantity
Due Date ProdOrder Due Date



Property NAV Table Field
Production Order Number ProdOrder No_
Routing Line ProdOrderRoutingLine No_
Required Quantity ProdOrderRoutingLine Input Quantity


Bills of Material

Property NAV Table Field
Production Order Number ProdOrder No_
Routing Line ProdOrderRouringLine No_
Item Name Item No_



Property NAV Table Field
Plant Name WCGroup Code
Workcenter WorkCenter No_
Machine WorkCenter & MachineCenter No_



Property NAV Table Field
Machine Abilities WorkCenter No_
Name WorkCenter Name


Sales Orders

Property NAV Table Field
Sales Order Number SalesLine Document No_
Line Number SalesLine Line No_
Warehouse Location SalesLine [Location Code]
Outstanding Quantity SalesLine Outstanding Quantity
Delivery Date SalesLine Planned Delivery Date


Publish Fields

Property NAV Table Field
Production Number ProdOrder No_
Start Date ProdOrder [Starting Date]
Start Time ProdOrder [Starting Time]
End Date ProdOrder [End Date]
End Time ProdOrder [End Time]