Integrating with O2 for MAS 500

O2 is a special module of MAS 500 that provides robust support for process manufacturers. Import your Batch Numbers, Formulas, and routing steps into PlanetTogether APS to take your investment into O2 a step further.

Compatible Versions
PlanetTogether APS is compatible with O2 v.7.05.21 and later.

Here are just a few examples of what you can import from O2:

  • Batch Numbers
  • Formulas
  • Routers
  • Machine/Operation Properties

O2 Fields:

Batch Numbers

Property O2 Table Field
Batch Number to2PN PNkey
Name to2PN PNID
Complete by Date to2PN CritComplDate
Order Volume to2PN QtyOrdVol



Property O2 Table Field
Production Number to2PN PNkey
Routing Key to2PTxPNRout O2RoutKey
Sequence to2PTxPNRout ProdSeq
Order Quantity to2PTxPNRout QtyReqOrd


Bills of Material

Property O2 Table Field
Formula ID to2Formula FMKey
Formula Name to2Formula FMID
Description to2Formula LongDesc


Property O2 Table Field
Physical Property ID to2PhysProp PhysPropKey
Physical Property Name to2PhysProp PhysPropID