Integrating with SAP Business One

SAP is a leader in the ERP industry and provides an excellent solution for mid-sized companies in SAP Business One, one of PlanetTogether APS’s specialties. We integrate not only SAP but also Production One by Navigator for SAP Business One, providing a flexible and thorough planning and scheduling system capable of handling manufacturers across any industry.

PlanetTogether APS’s SAP integration is based on a certifiable BAPI/RFC connection between SAP and AdapLink. In addition, the SAP Integration layer database is predefined based on a rich set of standard SAP objects.

There is no need to start with a ‘blank sheet of paper’; the integration already understands materials, BOM, resources, etc. The Integration layer database will also stay updated with frequent ‘delta updates,’ which is standard functionality in the template.  

The rich, standard data objects can be enhanced with customer-specific data as needed (customer fields on standard objects or completely custom tables).

By building the transformations necessary to go to PlanetTogether on top of the integration layer, the PlanetTogether consultant is afforded plenty of modeling freedom, enabling a good PlanetTogether solution fit and high ROI. Imagine the places that PlanetTogether can take your production scheduling with seamless integration into your SAP solution.

Compatible Versions
PlanetTogether APS is compatible with SAP with Navigator’s Production One, SAP with Infor’s Fourth Shift Edition and can also be retrofitted to earlier versions.

Here are just a few examples of what you can import from SAP:

  • Work Center Groups and Work Centers
  • Machines, Items, and Inventory
  • Bill of Material
  • Sales, Purchase, and Production Orders
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

PlanetTogether also allows you to publish schedules back to SAP:

  • Start and End dates at the task level
  • Reported Quantities
  • Reported Time
  • Job Statuses

SAP Business One Fields:

Work Orders

Property SAP Table Field
Work Order OWOR DocNum
Name OWOR DocNum



Property SAP Table Field
Work Order Number OWOR DocNum
Operation Sequence WOR1 LineNum
Required Quantity OITM PlannedQty


Bills of Material

Property SAP Table Field
Work Order Number OWOR DocNum
Routing Step WOR1 LineNum
Item Number OITM ItemCode



Property SAP Table Field
Plant N/A [Hardcoded]
Department @NBS_Resource U_NBS_DeptID
Resource Code @NBS_Resource Code
Resource ID @NBS_Resource U_NBS_ResID



Property SAP Table Field
Machine Ability @NBS_Capability Code
Machine Name @NBS_Capability Name


Purchase Orders

Property SAP Table Field
Purchase Order Number DocNum & POR1 DocNum +’-‘+ LineNumber
Item Number POR1 ItemCode
Location Code POR1 [Hardcoded]
Quantity Ordered POR1 OpenQty
Expected Delivery Date OPOR DocDueDate


Publish Fields

Property SAP Table Field
Work Order OWOR DocNum
Need By Date OWOR DueDate