Generate Job Copies (Sample Job Generator)

Key Concepts

The Generate Job Copies / Sample Job Generator provides users with a quick and easy way to create random jobs for testing, training, and demonstration purposes. This feature is available from the toolbar of the Jobs View and the Templates View.

Select the job to be copied from the list in the Jobs or Templates View, then click on the button shown above. You can select multiple jobs by holding the [Ctrl] key and selecting each job you wish to copy.

The screenshot below provides an example of using the Sample Job Generator to generate 10 copies of 'Sales Order 001'.

Sample Job Generator

  • Number of Copies of each Job: The sample job generator will create this amount of jobs for each job selected.
  • Nbr of Jobs to be copied: This value specified how many jobs were selected from the Jobs or Templates grid.
  • Job Copy Prefix / Job Start Value: When creating a copy of a job, users can enter a prefix and a job start value so that the job copies generated will have a Name of "Job Prefix. Job Start Value".
    • For example, generating 5 copies of a single job with Prefix "Job" and Start Value of "1" will create 5 jobs with names: "Job1, Job2, Job3, Job4, Job5".
  • Convert any Templates to Jobs: The Sample Job Generator can be used from the Templates View; this option allows templates to be converted to jobs when copied.
  • Randomize Values: If this option is unchecked, the Sample Job Generator will copy the need date, required qty, cycle time, setup time, etc., of the selected job. When this option is checked, you can generate jobs with random values for these options. 

Dates and Numbers

  • Note: This section requires that the 'Randomize Values' option of the above section be checked.
  • You can choose to randomize the following job values:
    • Need Dates
    • Required Qty
    • Revenue
    • Priority
    • Minutes Per Cycle
    • Setup Hours
    • Setup Number
  • For each option, you can choose a minimum and maximum value to use during randomization.


  • Randomize Products and Colors: Setting this option to 'True' will allow you to enter the names of products in the table below. This will set the ProductName of the Manufacturing Order. The Material Requirements will be copied from the existing job.
  • Use Color as Operation Attribute: When set to 'True,' the Color Code defined will be added as an Operation Attribute. The Attribute Name is set to 'Color,' and the Code is set to the color specified in the table.


  • Randomize Customers: When this is set to 'True,' the Sample Job Generator will randomize the customers specified in the text box below. Note: Each new customer must be added as a new line in the text box.


  • Randomize Commitments: When this is set to 'True,' the Job Commitment will be randomly set to 'Planned' or 'Firm.'
  • Randomize Colors of Job Copies: When this is set to 'True,' the Color Code of the Job will be set randomly to give each job a unique color.