KPI Pane

KPI Pane

The KPI Pane allows users to see the costs and benefits of a proposed schedule. The KPI pane has a variable number of indicators or criteria that can be tracked, and the graph will show how each schedule change affects the tracked criteria. In addition, each point on the graph serves as a possible undo point, and the planner can use the graph to “undo” back to any action by simply clicking on the point and selecting “Undo back to this point.”

A “KPI Calculator calculates each KPI.” A list of included KPI calculators can be found here. In addition, custom KPI Calculators can be easily programmed by implementing the IKpiCalculator interface of the API.

KPI Options

The Options menu allows users to select how often the system will store KPI Snapshots, either after each publishes or after each schedule change and the maximum number of snapshots that the system will store.

KPI Visibility

The KPI Visibility dialog allows users to select which KPIs will be calculated, which KPIs will be displayed in the pane, and which colors to use for each KPI.