Layouts and Alerts

Key Concepts

Grid alerts allow users to quickly see if any jobs, materials, or inventory items match a grid layout filtering criteria. Alerts appear above the pane headers in PlanetTogether so that they can be seen from any screen. Additionally, alerts will show an arrow indicating whether the new value has increased or decreased. Grid alerts can be created based on any filter property defined.

Alerts can be set up for the following grids:

  • Jobs Grid
  • Materials Grid
  • Inventory Grid
  • Activities Grid
  • Purchase Orders Grid
  • Sales Orders Grid 

Setting Up Alerts

Alerts are easily created by clicking the "Alert Bell" button located on the layout toolbar of the grids mentioned above. This will prompt users to specify an alert priority for the current layout selected.

Example: Create an alert for Late Jobs

  1. Open the Jobs View grid from the "Views" drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the "New Layout" Icon. This will create a new layout from a copy of the current layout. You will be prompted to enter a name for this new layout (e.g., "Late Jobs"). Note: The name of the layout corresponds to the alert name appearing above the pane headers.
  3. Filter the column data to display only late jobs. To do this, click on the "Funnel" icon of the "Late" column and select "True." This will filter the column to only show late jobs.
  4. Click "Save" to save the current layout.
  5. Click the "Alert Bell" button to specify an alert priority for the current layout to color-code the alerts. 
  6. Once a priority is selected, the alert will appear above the pane header, and it will display a number and the name of the layout.
  7. Users can click on the alert button, which will load the alert's layout. In this case, the jobs view grid will open and only display late jobs.
  8. To remove the alert, open the layout and click on the "Alert Bell" button, then set the priority alert to "None."


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