Load a Scenarios.dat file

1) Open Instance Manager (Previously called APS Enterprise Client)


2) Highlight the desired instance and click the “Stop Services” button.

3) Highlight the desired instance and click the “Edit” button. (this will open “Edit Instance Window”).

4) Navigate to the “Services” Tab and click the “Browse Key Folder” button (This will help us find the folder which contains the Scenarios.dat file)

5) Initially, you will be directed to the “Key” folder; please Navigate up one level to the “Data” folder

6) Open “Scenario” Folder

7) Delete or Rename the “scenarios.dat” file located in the Scenario Folder folder (i.e., scenarios(old).dat)

8) Move or Copy the new “scenarios.dat” file into Scenario Folder

9) You may now close the “Edit Instance Window” and “Scenario Folder Window.”

10) Return to Instance Manager, highlight desired instance, click “Start Services.”