Reports and Analysis


A critical part of improving manufacturing efficiency is gathering information on how changes to planning and scheduling affect production and where additional improvements might be made to the bottom line. PlanetTogether comes with several standard reports, for example, a report for Late Jobs or a Material Item Picklist for the day. Custom reports can also be created with any number of third-party tools and launched directly from within PlanetTogether, including SQL Reporting Services and Crystal Reports.

Similarly, Reports can also be generated after the Scenario has already been Published. PlanetTogether can export the data set into a SQL Database, which can then be used to create custom reports or update external systems, like an ERP.

Analytic tools will include things like Impact Analysis, KPI, and Performance Tracking.

Impact Analysis: This tool shows the impact of each schedule change on other scheduled Jobs and material availability, giving the user greater visibility into potential material shortages and Job lateness.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators): This tool is closely tied with the Impact Analysis and examines

Performance Tracking: This tracks the reported run, setup, and post-processing hours against the expected standard. This is particularly useful for manufacturers who are working towards being able to quote more accurate lead times.