Manufacturing Order Batching

Key Concepts

The Manufacturing Order Batching feature allows users to group manufacturing orders with the same Batch Group Name within the same Batching Window. The batching window is determined by the batching method used.

Batching Methods:

  • By Need Date: The Batch Window is set as the earliest need date plus the Batch Window Span, which can be set in Settings | Scenario Data | MO Batching | Batch Window Days.
  • By Release Date: The Batch Window is set as the earliest release date plus the Batch Window Span.
  • Combination of Need Date and Release Date: The need date of the batch is set as the earliest need date among its members. A Manufacturing Order can be added to the batch if its release date is less than the difference between the earliest date and the Batch Window Span.

Setting Up MO Batching

To use MO Batching, users will need to ensure it is enabled in Settings | System Options | Scheduling | MO Batching → Enabled.

mo batching 1

Then, under the Optimize button on the Scenario, check the Enable MO Batching option under the MO Batching tab.

mo batching 2

Go to the MO Batching tab (Settings | Scenario Data | MO Batching) to create a batching definition. Type in the External Id and Name of the MO Batch. Then, select the batching method and specify the Batch Window Span.

Populate the Batch Definition Name and Batch Group Name for Manufacturing Orders that you would like to batch.

Possible Limitations

MO Batching is not compatible with the following features:

  1. Materials
  2. Operation Overlap
  3. Activity Splitting
  4. Resource Locking
  5. Anchoring
  6. Operation “Can Pause for Offline Periods”
  7. Multitasking Resources
  8. Can Span Plants
  9. Locked Plant
  10. Multiple Paths