Manufacturing Order Mappings

* = Required

Manufacturing Orders






The External identifier of the Manufacturing Order. String  


The External identifier of the Job to which the Manufacturing Order belongs.    


Changeable text identifier for the Manufacturing Order. String  


The target quantity of Products to be made. Decimal  


Controls how Alternate Paths are used. String  


Manufacturing Orders with this same group are joined together during MRP when the "AutoJoinManufacturingOrders" option is set to 'True. String  
AutoSplitMinQty Using Manufacturing Order Auto-splitting prevents Manufacturing Orders from being created (the original MO or the splits) with a Required Qty less than this value. If '0', then no Auto-splitting is allowed on this Manufacturing Order.    


The Definition Name of the Batch. String  


The Group Name of the Batch. String  


If True, then Operations can schedule in more than one Plant. Otherwise, all Operations must be scheduled in only one Plant. (Overrides BaseOrder..::.CanSpanPlants.) Boolean  


If True, then any Path (Routing) information is ignored. The Path information for an existing Template Job is copied and used instead. The Product Name specifies which Product to copy the Path from. If there is more than one Template for the same product, the first one found by the system will be used. Note: Setting this to true on an existing Manufacturing Order will cause any current routing information to be lost and copied in from a Template when the Manufacturing Order is saved. Boolean  


This value is added to the Manufacturing Order's Need Date to set the Shipping Need Date. MOs should be completed before the Shipping Need Date to avoid Shipping Buffer Penetration. Double  


The initial Path to be used. The user may select a different Path. String  


Additional text for describing the Manufacturing Order.(Overrides BaseObject..::.Description.) String  


This is usually the same as the Required Qty, but production issues may result in more or fewer items than required. This is usually specified externally, but changing the quantities in the Job Dialog will update this value based on Operation Completion Quantities and whether "DeductScrapFromRequired" is set on the Resource Operation. Double  


For display only. String  


Whether the Manufacturing Order was placed on Hold and work should not be done on it. Boolean  


The reason the Manufacturing Order was placed On-Hold String 1. Material Hold
2. Tooling Hold
3. Production Hold
4. Engineering Hold
5. Customer Hold
6. Quality Hold
7. Lack of Material
8. Design Change Pending


The Date and Time specified when the MO was placed on Hold. All Operations have their HoldUntilDate set to this value as well. Note: This has no effect unless the 'Hold' field is set to 'True' for the MO. DateTime  


Whether a Planner has approved the Manufacturing Order to go into production, setting this to 'True' will set the Release Date to the current time. Boolean  


The External identifier of the Plant where all work must be scheduled. String  


If True, the Manufacturing Order will be locked to the current Alternate Path. Boolean  


If True, then the Need Date of the Manufacturing Order can be updated manually in PT, via an import, when creating a CTP Job, or by an optimize (if the Set sub-Job Need Dates feature is on). If False, the Need Date of the MO will be set to the Job Need Date. Boolean  


The Date and Time when the Manufacturing Order should be finished to be considered On Time. The NeedDate is a calculated field that can be affected by the MoNeedDate checkbox defined above. It cannot be set unless the MoNeedDate is set to True. DateTime  


Comments or special considerations about the Manufacturing Order. (Overrides BaseObject..::.Notes.) String  


If True, then the Required Qty can only be set manually, not via ERP imports. This value is automatically set to 'True'  when a planner manually changes the Required Qty in PlanetTogether to preserve the change. Boolean  


It can be used to indicate the product being made visually. String  


The alpha component in RGBA representation of product color. Int16  


The blue component in RGBA representation of product color.  Int16  


The green component in RGBA representation of product color.  Int16  


The red component in RGBA representation of product color.  Int16  


The description of the Product is made. String  


The Name of the Product being made. String  


No activities are scheduled before this date/time. This represents the date and time at which the activities can be Released to start. DateTime  


Determines how the Manufacturing Order Splits will be updated. The following options are available:

- Update Splits Individually: Hour and quantity reporting for the operation must specify the ExternalId of the MO to update, similar to when an MO has not been split.

- Share Reported Values Proportionally Decimal: When hours or quantities are reported for the manufacturing order, they are allocated across all MOs and their activities in proportion to their Required Qty, allowing decimal values for quantities.

- Share Reported Values Proportionally Integer: When hours or quantities are reported for the MO, they are allocated across all MOs and their activities in proportion to their Required Qty, rounded into integer values for quantities. 







Unit of measure. For display only. String  


An optional list of user-defined fields. Null if not initialized. (Inherited from BaseObject.) String