Omitting Operations

Key Concepts

In PlanetTogether, users can control the flow of operation and the scheduling of jobs by preventing them from being scheduled. Omitting can only occur at the operation level and works similarly to putting a job on hold. However, holding works by preventing a job to schedule until a set date. In this case, omitted operations are never scheduled, and the flow of operations will continue as if the omitted operations never existed. 

Omitting an operation can be useful in the production of a kit that deviates slightly from the standard. For example, there might be a standard routing that calls for a painting operation occurring before assembly. If an order for that kit came in but specified that it should be unpainted, the painting operation could be omitted. 

Omitted Operation Flags

There are three different flags for operations regarding omission:

  • Not Omitted: This operation is not omitted and will be scheduled regularly like all other operations.
  • Omitted by User: This is an operation that a user manually omitted. The operation will not be scheduled and will allow successor operations to continue without this particular operation.
  • Omitted Automatically: This is an operation that was automatically omitted due to an error in the import. Typically, the import involves a missing capability being referred to by the required capability of the operation. If no such capability exists within PlanetTogether, a user can set the System Options to automatically omit the operation and allow the rest of the job to be imported without further interruption.