Product Rules

Key Concepts

The Product Rules table can be used to define varying production rates, yields, and preferences for items produced as products. These product rules tie items produced as products to a resource or group of resources and override the standard values set in the Job Operation.

Product rules provide additional flexibility for companies with varying production planning values, depending on the machine or labor personnel completing each operation.

Product Rules override the following fields:

  • SetupSpan / UseSetupSpan: Overrides the Operation SetupSpan if UseSetupSpan is checked.
  • CycleSpan / UseCycleSpan: Overrides the Operation CycleSpan if UseCycleSpan is checked.
  • QtyPerCycle / UseQtyPerCycle: Overrides the Operation QtyPerCycle is UseQtyPerCycle is checked.
  • PostProcessingSpan / UsePostProcessingSpan: Overrides the Operation PostProcessingSpan if UsePostProcessingSpan is checked.
  • PlanningScrapPercent / UsePlanningScrapPercent: Overrides the Operation PlanningScrap Percent if UsePlanningScrapPercent is checked.
  • HeadStartSpan / UseHeadStartSpan: This will override the Operation HeadStartSpan is UseHeadStartSpan is checked.
    • This field can be used to specify a preference to run the item on the resource. For example, higher HeadStartSpan values will indicate that operations can be scheduled to the resource further before the Operation’s JIT Slack. This will result in the resource being assigned to the operation earlier than resources with lower HeadStart values.
  • MaterialPostProcessingSpan / UseMaterialPostProcessingSpan: Overrides the Operation MaterialPostProcessingSpan if UseMaterialProcessingSpan is checked.

Setting Up Product Rules:

  1. Click on the Product Rules button under Settings | Scenario Data. The grid on the left of the screen displays the Items produced as products, and the grid on the right displays the Resources.
  2. Optionally sort or filter the Item and Resource grids to show the values of interest.
  3. Highlight (by clicking the grids) the Items and Resources you would like to create product rules. You can select a single resource or a group of resources.
  4. Enter the Operation Name in the text box to specify which Operation the product rule will override. This field can be left blank to override all operations for the manufacturing order producing the specified item.
  5. Click Add New Rule(s). This will create a new rule in the grid on the bottom of the pane.
  6. Fill in the fields in the Rules grid to indicate how you would like these rules to be used. Options include:
    1. SetupSpan / UseSetupSpan
    2. CycleSpan / UseCycleSpan
    3. PostProcessingSpan / UsePostProcessingSpan
    4. PlanningScrapPercent / UsePlanningScrapPercent
    5. HeadStartSpan / UseHeadStartSpan
    6. MaterialPostProcessingSpan / UseMaterialPostProcessingSpan
  7. Click Save and Close to save the rules created.

These rules are applied automatically during all scheduled changes. Therefore, no other changes to the Jobs themselves are required.

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