Key Concepts

A-Plant is defined as a facility or location where production occurs. It is usually synonymous with a single physical factory. However, in PlanetTogether, a Plant consists of any number of Departments that contain any number of resources used to produce goods.

A Plant also defines the scope of an Optimization. Optimization can be run on one or more Plants simultaneously, but not limited to only part of a Plant.

PlanetTogether is designed to accommodate manufacturers with multiple plants whose processes are interconnected with one another. 

Setting Up

In PlanetTogether, plants are typically imported from the client's ERP. However, the Resource Tab can create new plants or edit settings related to plants, departments, or resources. In this view, users can see the total number of plants, the number of departments within those plants, and the number of resources in each department. 


Plants are shown on the left side of the Gantt view. Users can navigate from one plant to another by clicking on the plant they wish to see. 


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