Process Flow

Key Concepts

The Process Flow pane allows users to upload Visio diagrams into PlanetTogether. In addition, you can use Visio to create a workflow chart where elements correspond to tasks in PlanetTogether. This functionality is designed for companies to create a workflow for schedulers and simplify processes.

Note: The number of tasks that can be run from the program is limited. 

Microsoft Visio 

The Process Flow view requires that Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Visio Viewer (free) be installed. 


When creating a diagram in Visio, hyperlinks can be added to shapes. If these hyperlinks are a valid APS API URL, when the diagram is loaded into PlanetTogether, the system will respond to the action encoded in the URL of the hyperlink.

Formatting hyperlinks

The accepted format for hyperlinks within Process Flow is “app://aps/PATH?PARAMETERS,” where PATH is the task you would like to start (see the available list of tasks below). PARAMETERS are the optional parameters involved in the task.

Sample Hyperlinks:

  • Display Jobs Pane and view Unscheduled layout -> app://aps/Jobs?Layout=Unscheduled
  • Display Gantt Pane and select Plant2 and Dept3 -> app://aps/Gantt?PlantName=Plant2&DepartmentName=Dept3
  • Perform an Optimize -> app://aps/Optimize
  • Display Inventory Plan and Select layout -> app://aps/InventoryPlan?Items=item1,item2&Warehouses=warehouse1

    Available Tasks

    • Open home screen
      • PATH: Home
      • PARAMETERS: None
    • Open Activities screen
      • PATH: Activities
      • PARAMETERS: None
    • Open Jobs Screen
      • PATH: Jobs
        • Layout: Optional layout to load
    • Open Gantt:
      • PATH: Gantt
        • PlantName: Optional Plant to open
        • DepartmentName: Optional Department to open
    • Open Inventory Plan:
      • PATH: InventoryPlan
        • Layout: Optional layout to load
    • Optimize:
      • PATH: Optimize
      • PARAMETERS: None
    • Advance Clock:
      • PATH: AdvanceClock
        • DateTime: Optional Date and time to advance the clock to
    • Import data:
      • PATH: Refresh
      • PARAMETERS: None
    • Publish data:
      • PATH: Publish
      • PARAMETERS: None