Product Mappings

* = Required







The External identifier of the Product. String  


This specifies whether the TotalRequiredQty is a fixed number. If True, the TotalRequiredQty will not change if the RequiredQty of the Manufacturing Order is changed for any reason (MRP, Split, etc.) Boolean  


Controls when the inventory (Product) that is created is considered available in stock for use by a consuming Material Requirement.

All produced inventory is considered available at the scheduled start of the Operation’s Run time. This can be used in situations where operations consuming the material should be allowed to schedule overlapping the operation producing the material.  If Material Post-Processing Time is defined, the release time is delayed by that time span.

All produced inventory is considered available at the end of the Operation and any Resource Transfer time.

The material becomes available as it is produced in increments equal to its transfer quantity. Since a lot of extra bookkeeping is involved in this type of timing, scheduling might take longer. The advantages of running in this mode include decreased lead times and decreased inventory of intermediate items; this is known as material overlap. To run in material overlap mode with this setting, the item being produced must have a transfer quantity, material requests that use the item must set UseOverlapActivities (there’s a corresponding flag for POs) and if possible you should also consider staging the scheduling of your resources to improve your level of overlap. The stage field is available on resources.

String AtOperationRunStart


The External identifier of the item being produced. String  


The External identifier of the Job associated with this product. String  


The Lot Code to be applied to the items being produced, if applicable. String  


This specifies the amount of time after Processing that the Product must wait before it can be used by another Operation. For example, this can represent drying or cooling time. This time period does not consume capacity on Resources but is used to determine when the Product is available.



The Material Requirement associated with this product. String  


The External identifier of the Manufacturing Order associated with this product.  String  


This field specifies the number of usages that the Job adds to the running total of usages of the Product. Used with 'Wear' Lot Control. Int32  


The External identifier of the Operation associated with this product.  String  


The Predecessor Operation for this product. String  


If True, then during MRP Warehouse is set to the Warehouse where the demand occurs, provided that the Item is stocked in the demand's warehouse. Boolean  


If True, and the Resource that the Product is processed on is defined as a Tank, then the material will be stored on the Tank Resource. Boolean  


The total amount of the specified Item to be made by the Operation. Double  


The External identifier of the Warehouse where the produced Items will be sent. String