Release Notes: Version 11.43

Changes for version 11.43.3 released January 21, 2021

Note: Users should use version 11.43.3. Please contact support if you need to upgrade to this version.


Anchor Date: Allow Importing

Activity Anchor Date can now be imported even if the activity is new or not scheduled.

Move: Allow Customization to Override Move Failures

A new customization point that allows overriding, canceling, and replacing actions. For example, you can replace a Move with an Expedite. 

Detailed Scheduling License Changes

  • Gantt restricted to Activity Board  - Without the new Detailed Scheduling license, only the Activity Board mode is accessible.
  • Export Date Time - The new Detailed Scheduling license is now required to publish the time portions of schedule dates.
  • Activity Grid access - The new Detailed Scheduling license is now necessary to access the Activity Grid.

Terms and Conditions 

PlanetTogether installation now requires users to accept the 'Terms and Conditions". Users can now view the PlanetTogether Service and Support Guide locally when running the Web Installer. 

WIP Compress - Resequence Operations

A new WIP compress feature is available as a standard customization. WIP compress will shift all predecessors to the right, resequencing the source if possible, to reduce the duration between predecessors and successors. Material, Successor MO, and Operation successors are considered. 

Note: Not compatible with Max Delay, Keep Successors, and Shelf Life. 

MRP Job Classification as Safety Stock

MRP will now set job classifications to SafetyStock when creating a supply order to meet safety stock. 

Clients now use Port 7991

APS Clients now use port 7991 instead of 7990 to connect to the server. Older clients can still use port 7990 as long as it is allowed in the Server Manager settings. 

Syspro Integration Files

New files for the Syspro standard integration have been added to the web installer. The file scripts build tables, views, & stored procedures in existing import and gap databases. 

MRP: Templates with Successor MOs and JobAutoSplit

MRP will now account for Templates that have Successor MOs mapped to other MOs within the template.

Addition of New APIs

The following new API capabilities have been added:

  1. Move, with parameters like Lock
  2. Lock/Anchor
  3. Expedite, with parameters like expedite successors, DateTime, clock, etc.
  4. Unschedule
  5. Hold
  6. Activity Update
  7. Undo Action, either the Last Action or an action by a Specific User.
  8. Send Chat Message to All Users or Specific User.


Lock and Anchor Drop-Down Menus in Jobs Dialog

The UI now makes it clear that the Locked and Anchor fields at the Job level are for display only.

LotUsability of New Items 

The LotUsability field is now enabled in the Manage Inventory dialog to allow editing.

Editing Required Quantity on MO causes Lock-up

Improved the editor on some quantity fields including the Manufacturing Order Required Quantity. This will no longer give repeated errors for invalid input. 

Allowed Helper Resource Constraints on Gantt

The Gantt has been updated to reflect helper resource eligibility based on the primary resource relation.

Capacity Intervals: Slow Import for Large Volume

Significantly improved the import speed for capacity intervals. 

Using Transfer Quantity for Inventory Available Timing

Improved the way the Inventory Plan displays material adjustments when using Transfer Quantity. In some cases, the quantities could be confusing even when the schedule was correct. 

Instance Manager: Instance Deletion performance updates

The Instance Manager will now more reliably delete instances in some cases. 

Webinstaller: Host URL and Timeout updates

Reduced the timeout if the webinstaller is unable to access online resources. A new URL can be whitelisted to allow web installation on restricted computers:

Subassemblies tab in Job Dialog clarification

The Subassemblies tab in the Job Dialog will now show the Manufacturing Order's External Id of the subassembly Manufacturing Order instead of the parent Manufacturing Order. 

Lot Pegging by MRP 

Improved the way MRP sets lot pegging. Previously pegged Production ORders that had their lots set during MRP will be re-pegged during subsequent MRPs.

User Defined Fields: Support a large collection of UDFs

Improved the UI to be able to handle large quantities of UDFs being imported. A new optional property can be set when importing UDFs. A fourth portion of the UDF, 'true' or 'false' can be imported for whether to display that UDF in the UI grids. 

Login Error 2979

When attempting to log in with an account that does not exist, a more useful message will be shown to explain the failed login.

French Localization

Integrated the French Translation to the software.

Keep Successors and Default Resource compatibility

By default, the scheduler will attempt to keep successor operations on the same resource if possible; keep successor is always attempted. However, when a default resource is specified on the successor operation, the scheduler will never attempt to keep successor operations on the same resource.

Changed Error Logs to Message Logs

The Log title was clarified and changed from 'Error Log' to 'Message Log'. Not all logged messages are errors.

Error 2194 Displays the Internal Id instead of the External Id

The Error Message now displays the correct Id.

ExtraServices fails to starts if WebServices Port is in use

Improved instance usability when using APSWebServices Port. New instances will now find a new port to avoid conflicts. ExtraServices will now log a more meaningful error if there is a port conflict.

Hide exceptions dues to Infragistics errors

Minor errors and messages are no longer shown as popup messages. They will continue to be logged in the message logs.

Validation for Overlap TransferQty

Additional validation has been added to alert when bad data is being imported related to overlap by TransferQty.

More readable error when service ports are in use

Extra Services will now log a more useful error when it cannot start due to the APSWebservices Port being used by another process.

MRP Process Customization Expanded

The MRP process customization point has been expanded to allow for deciding whether an existing supply can be used to satisfy a particular demand. Customization details can be found here. 



Cannot Delete Sales Order Line Distribution

Fixed a bug preventing users from deleting distributions from Sales Orders.

Upgrade Instance does not apply LogOnAs settings

Fixed an issue where the LogOnAs settings in the Instance Manager would not be applied when upgrading an instance.

Not Possible to Set "Estimate" Field on Sales Order Table

Fixed an issue with saving changes made to Sales Order and Sales Order Line Distributions in the Sales Order view.

Localization: Cannot Set Overlap Type in Job Dialog

Overlap type can now be set for non-English Languages.

Allocation Date when Jobs Pull From On-Hand Lots

Fixed an issue where the allocation date was incorrect when jobs were pulling from on-hand lots.

View Only Users can now see changes in schedule and labels

Fixed an issue where View Only users were not able to see the changes in schedule and labels were not displaying correctly.

Gantt View in the Job Dialog Uses the Scheduled Start Date on Finished Operations

Finished operations now use the ReportedStartDate in the Job Dialog Gantt View. 

Gantt View in Job Dialog not working

The Gantt View now displays in Job Dialog correctly.

Reported Finish Date Not Updated Correctly After Import

Fixed an issue where the reported end date is not imported correctly. 

PercentOverStandardHours Always Shows as -1% in Job View

Fixed 'PercentOverStandardHrs' column displaying an incorrect value in the Job Grid.

Unable to Set Value for Days Between Password Changes

Fixed the controls for setting the number of days between required password changes and the maximum number of failed password attempts in User Security Settings. 

Alternate Path: Unable to delete Node

Fixed an issue where Alternate Path Nodes could not be removed correctly from the Job Dialog. 

CoPilot: Extra scenarios created that cannot be deleted

Resolved an issue where CoPilot scenarios would be hidden and could not be deleted. 

CTP does not calculate MO Need Date on intermediate items

Fixed an issue where Manufacturing Order need dates would not be set when created during CTP.

CTP View gets Error when using some languages

Fixed an issue where some dialogs were not loading correctly and possibly giving errors when the user was not using the English language.

Refresh Button Grayed out

The Refresh button will no longer remain grayed out if the import does not contain any data.

"Find in Gantt" not working in the Activities Grid view

Finding activities or jobs in the Gantt will now correctly highlight the object if it is not in the current Gantt view. If the Gantt is viewing a department where the activity is not scheduled, the Gantt will switch to the Plant View and highlight the activity. 

Tanks: Operation End Date shows End of Run, not End of Storage

Fixed an issue where Tank operations could have an incorrect end date displayed on some areas of the UI.

Copy Job function has a display issue with the Required Materials

Fixed some minor issues when copying a job from within the Job Dialog.

Capacity Interval: Changes made will appear in the grid, but don't constrain correctly

Fixed an issue that would cause capacity intervals to not be updated if copied from another resource in some cases.

Capacity Plan max time buckets limit

Fixed an issue that was limiting the Capacity Plan view to a minimum of 1-day buckets.

"Add cycles to..." options add too many cycles causing the activity to not fit where desired.

Fixed an issue where the "Add cycles to..." option added too many cycles.

Anchor date cannot be imported

Fixed an issue where the anchor date could not be updated when trying to import a different date.

Import taking longer than expected

Improved import speed in rare cases. It was possible that an import could be delayed by 1-2 minutes.

MaterialInTankShelfLifeExpiredEventReceived: NullReference Exception

Fixed an error when importing certain shelf life data configurations.