Release Notes: Version 11.49.11

Changes for Version 11.49.11 released July 16, 2021

**Users upgrading to PlanetTogether Version 11.49.x and later will need to also upgrade to Instance Manager version 12.0.56 or later. In addition, users will need to generate a certificate in the Server Manager settings for services to work properly.

Information on how to upgrade to version 11.49.x is outlined in this document.


Optimize Does Not Account for Resource Connector Transit Hours

Fixed an issue where the Resource Connector TransitHrs field was not being included in the JIT calculations.

SQL Connection Error Message

Removed detailed SQL connection from being shown in certain error messages.

Unknown Error When Importing Data

Errors that have not been localized for the user's selected language will now show in English instead of showing an unknown error.

MRP Re-Pegging Sales Orders With Extension

Updated the ExistingOrderNeedDateReset extension point to provide additional parameters representing demand details. In addition, the default behavior has been updated to set preserved job need dates to the demand dates for non-firmed supplies.

Services Stopping Randomly

Improved the process of unscheduling successor Manufacturing Orders when there is a long chain of successors. Speed has been improved and an issue where a significantly long chain of successors could cause the application to crash.

Publish Data: Lot.ExternalId

The Lot ExternalId is now published.

Instance Dialog: Upgrade Instance Does Not Allow Keeping Scenario

Fixed an issue where software versions weren't validated correctly for potential serialization conflicts.

IM Version: 12.0.62



Client Manager: Object Reference Error

Fixed an issue when trying to save the certificate thumbprint without first connecting to any server.

CM Version: 4.9

UDF Could Not Be Imported on the First Refresh

Fixed an issue where UDFs would not be imported for operations when they were first imported.


NOTE: These improvements were made since the release of our last general availability, version 11.49.10, on July 9, 2021. The release notes for version 11.49.10 can be found here.