Report Designer

Key Concepts

The PlanetTogether Report Designer is used to create and modify Reports that can be loaded into PlanetTogether.

Note: This feature is compatible with PlanetTogether version 11.39 and later. 

Available Reports

PlanetTogether comes packaged with several standard reports that can be accessed directly within PlanetTogether from the "Reports" button found in the navigation ribbon. In addition, named reports can be run directly from the "Reports" button of the Jobs view.

Standard Reports: The following standard reports are available when downloading PlanetTogether. These reports are accessed from the Ribbon in the software, and they have their data source schema set to PtDbDataSet, which means that the report will load the entire dataset. 

Named Reports: The following reports are loaded from the Jobs view. The user can modify these reports, but their data source schema cannot be changed to another dataset. The user can only modify the fields being displayed in the report.

The report files are located in the following path:

C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS\Software\<Version Number>\UpdateFiles\Reports

PlanetTogether Report Designer

The Report Designer files can be downloaded here: PlanetTogether Report Designer.

To open the Report Designer, run the PlanetTogether Report Designer application file found in the ReportDesignerFiles folder.

For the report fields to be bound to the PlanetTogether data and display the correct information, a data schema must be specified within the Report Designer. This can be done by opening the .repx file you wish to modify by clicking the folder icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

The report files are located in the following path:

C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS\Software\<Version Number>\UpdateFiles\Reports

In the Properties tab of the Report Designer, set the Data Source's Schema from the Miscellaneous tab:


To set the Data Source's Schema, click on the ellipsis button at the end of the text field and navigate to the location of the downloaded schema file on your computer. 

The data schema files can be downloaded here:





Note: These data schemas can be attached to the reports.

  • The main data schema file used for most of the available reports is the PtDbDataSet file and is used to binds the report's fields to the PlanetTogether data.
  • The JobDataSet data schema is used for the "JobStatusReport."
  • The WhereUsedDataSet data schema is used for the "JobOpWhereUsedReport." 

Saving Reports

When saving reports, ensure that they are located in the "Standard Reports" folder:

  1. Click on "File," then "Save As..." to set the location of the new report. Note: Any newly created report will have to be pasted in this folder to be accessed from the "Reports" button found in the PlanetTogther ribbon. 

We recommend saving new reports in the Client Updater Service folder to ensure that the reports are accessible for all clients. The reports can be saved in this location:

C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether APS\<Instance Name>\ClientUpdaterService\ UpdateFiles\Reports\StandardReports


Reports can also be saved locally in the following location: 

%AppData%\Roaming\PlanetTogether Inc\APS Client\<Version Number>\<Instance Name>\Reports\Standard Reports

Report Designer User Guide

For instructions on creating and modifying reports using the Report Designer, please use the following guide