Key Concepts

Resources represent the entities required to perform work in the factory. They may represent people, machines, workstations, tools, or other equipment needed to perform work. Resources can only belong to one department within a plant. Additionally, resources must be assigned a Capacity Type as well as one or more Capabilities.

Setting Up

Resources are typically imported from the client's ERP but can be created and edited from the Resources tab. This tab lists all of the resources found within each department of a plant.

In the Gantt view, the resources are listed on the left side of the window. Thus, each row of the Gantt represents a different resource on which activities can be scheduled.


Cells are groups of resources that you generally want to use together. For example, if you have two ovens and two cooling lines and Oven 1 is located next to Cooling Line 1 while Oven 2 is located next to Cooling Line 2, you will want jobs using Oven 1 to follow Cooling Line 1.

Creating a New Cell

To create a new cell, go to Settings | Cells. Next, click on the "New" button to create a new cell and "Open" to edit a cell.

Once the cell lines have been created, right-click on a resource to include in the cell line and click on "Open." Next, go to the "Advanced Rules" tab, check the "Use Cellular Scheduling" option, then select the cell line from the drop-down menu.


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