Schedule Updates

Key Concepts

When updating the schedule, it is important to distinguish between updating the information by importing from an external system and updating information already existing in PlanetTogether.

Updating the Schedule by Importing

This is the most accurate and timely method for updating the schedule. The data imported depends on the settings specified in the Import Mapping Wizard. Errors encountered here will be displayed on the Client computer that started the import, although the ServiceLog.txt file on the server can be checked if necessary.

You can continue to work during imports, but access to the scheduling engine/functions (moving jobs, accessing the job view, etc.) may be denied.

Updating the Existing Data in PlanetTogether

The data already existing in PlanetTogethr can be updated in one of two ways:

  • Via Refresh of the Planning Data: As the import is triggered, reported quantities and hours may be tracked in another system and imported into PlanetTogether, depending on the external system integrated with PlanetTogether.
  • Manually: The activity progress can be updated via the Activity Status Dialog, the Activity Scheduling Grid, or by right-clicking on the activity on the Gantt. 


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