Scheduling from the Activities View

Key Concepts

The activities view displays a list of all scheduled activities organized by resources. This view allows users to perform some manual scheduling to change the schedule to fit their needs. Combining the manual scheduling features with the automated scheduling tools in PlanetTogether allows for increased flexibility when generating schedules. In the activities view, users can move activities to change their sequence or the resource they are scheduled on by drag-and-drop or using the move manager.


The Activities view allows users to drag and drop activities to change their sequence. For example, using the left mouse button to click and drag will move the activity after selecting an activity. On the other hand, using the right mouse button to click and drag will move the activity before selecting the activity.

If a move is valid, the activity will be highlighted in green. Otherwise, the activity will appear in red.

Drag-and-drop scheduling can also be used from one activities grid to another. If the same resource is selected in both activity grids, then dragging-and-dropping from one grid to another will change the sequence of activities within the same resource. However, if two different resources are selected, users can drag an activity and drop it onto another resource.

If the resource is eligible and the move is valid, the activity will be highlighted in green. Otherwise, the activity will appear in red.

Move Manager

Activities can also be moved using the Move Manager. Select the activity to be moved and select the "Add To Move Manager" button to use this. The following dialog will appear:

This dialog allows users to select a specific date and time to move the activity to and choose which plant, department, and resource they wish to move the activity by selecting from the drop-down menus. Eligible resources, departments, and plants will be shown green, while others will appear red. In addition, the bottom part f this dialog displays information about the job, manufacturing order, and operation associated with the activity. To move the activity to the selection specified, click on the "Move All Blocks" button at the top of the dialog, and the move will be performed.


Clicking on the "Use Advanced Selection" of this dialog or the "Move Activities" button of the activities view will open the following dialog:

Users can move activities to specific resources, dates, or times by selecting the activity to be moved and clicking on the “Move Activities” button. The move performed by this dialog behaves the same way as moving activities by drag-and-drop, but it is easier to use when the target time is out of the visible range.

To move an activity, select a target resource, select a new start time, and click on “Move to resource and time.”

  • Resource: Eligible resources will appear in white, while non-eligible resources will be highlighted in red. A move can only be performed on an eligible resource.
  • Start Time: There are several options for specifying the target start time for the activity:
    • Significant Point:
      • End of Frozen Span: The activity will be moved to the end of the frozen span.
      • Beginning of Schedule: The activity will be moved to the beginning of the schedule.
    • Specific Time: This allows the user to specify a new start date and time.
    • Just Before/Just After This option allows users to move the activity to before or just after a second activity.