Setting up the CTP Client Sample

Get started on running the CTP Client Sample for using the CTP SOAP API

For information on the API, see our knowledge base article on the CTP API.

Web Service Listeners

To begin, open the Instance Manager and navigate to the Data Publish tab. To allow Extra Services to host the web API, check the Accept Web Transmissions box and specify the Extra Service Web Host Port. The default port is 8788.


Set up the CTP Sample Client

Once the file is downloaded, unzip it to your preferred location. Next, open the project in Visual Studio and build it to generate the .exe file. After the build, the executable will be located in the bin\Debug folder of the project.  You can run it using the Windows Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt window, you will need to enter the full path of the file and five command-line arguments, each separated by a space. 

If any of the entries, including the file path, have spaces, use double quotes to identify them as a single parameter. For example: "C:\Program Files\PTCtpClientSample\bin\Debug\PTCtpClientSample.exe" argument1 argument2 "argument 3" argument4 argument5

The Client requires 5 Command-Line Arguments to run:

  • ExtraServicesURL*:  http://localhost:8788/APSWebService
  • User Name: A PlanetTogether User name with permissions to run CTP
  • Password: The PlanetTogether User's password
  • Item External Id: The external Id value for the item
  • Warehouse External Id: The external Id of the warehouse the item is located in

*In the ExtraServicesURL argument, the number 8788 needs to match the Port number entered in the Instance Manager.